Even Trump's Fox News defenders don't believe his porn star denials


Scrambling for new talking points, some Republicans are just admitting Trump had an affair and trying to claim it doesn't matter.

Trump and his new attorney Rudy Giuliani may still be clinging to the idea that Stormy Daniels is lying about her affair, but even some of Trump's staunchest defenders have thrown in the towel.

Conceding that Trump was, of course, unfaithful to his wife while she was pregnant, former Bush White House press secretary and ardent Trump defender Ari Fleischer told Fox News on Thursday that Trump's affair simply don't matter.

According to Fleischer, societal norms don't apply to Trump and he shouldn’t be judged in any way.

"What I fail to understand in all of this, in this strange new work we're in, with Donald Trump being the president who was elected with people not being surprised that he'd have an affair with a porn star or a playboy bunny," he stressed. "I don't really understand the core issue here — so what?"

Fleischer's spin is bizarre in so many obvious ways.

The fact that the conservative movement in America, which spent years trying to drive Bill Clinton from office because they argued he wasn't morally fit for the job, has suddenly embraced a no-judgment policy for a Republican married man who slept with a porn actresses and a Playboy model is jaw-dropping in terms of its rank hypocrisy.

Worse, the story burst into public view Wednesday night when Giuliani conceded that Trump covered the costs of the $130,000 hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels. Trump and the White House had been emphatically denying that ever happened.

Apparently, previously lies about Trump's affairs are no big deal either.

And this might be the strangest part: Despite Fleischer's dismissive "so what" rhetoric, Trump himself actually still denies the Daniels claim.

In a Thursday tweet, he accused Daniels of making "false and extortionist accusations."

And Rudy Giuliani on Fox News discussed how the payments were needed to take care of a "false allegation."

But nobody believes it. Nobody. To the point where even Trump's most loyal defenders are going on Fox News and skipping to phase 2 of the spin: It just doesn't matter that Trump's a thoroughly immoral man.