Trump claims African Americans 'happy as hell' with him as his approval drops to 13%


Trump's support among minority voters continues to drop while he continues to be racist.

Trump claimed Tuesday morning that "African American people love the job I'm doing" and are "happy as hell" with him. But his already weak support among minority voters has dropped in concert with his renewed racist attacks.

Continuing to defend his racist crusade against Baltimore, Maryland, and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he has strong support among black voters.

"The African American people have been calling the White House," Trump said.

"They have never been so happy at what a president has done. Not only the lowest unemployment in history for African Americans, not only opportunity zones for really the biggest beneficiary, the inner cities, and not only criminal justice reform, but they're so happy that I pointed out the corrupt politics of Baltimore. It's filthy dirty, it's so horrible, they are happy as hell," Trump said.

"So you may have a couple of politicians boycott, but it's all a fix," he continued. "The fact is, African American people love the job I'm doing because I'm working for them. I'm not working for the politicians."


African Americans do not love the job Trump is doing. They never have, and things are getting worse.

Hill-Harris conducted a poll from July 20-21, after Trump attacked four Democratic congresswomen of color, telling them to "go back" to where they came from. In the poll, Black voters continued their trend of giving low marks to Trump. His approval in the survey was at 13%, a 5-point drop from the poll conducted two weeks before.

Trump's support among Latino voters in the poll was down 16 points from the previous poll as well, landing at 57%.

Trump has always been unpopular, but especially among minority voters, who have long opposed his openly racist rhetoric and policy. His renewal of racist attacks against Democratic lawmakers has made things worse, no matter what lies he makes up to say otherwise.

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