Trump confidant forced out over financial crimes gets cushy campaign job


Top Trump aide has again been removed from the White House. John McEntee is reportedly under criminal investigation and was a security risk. This is a Trump team pattern.

Another close Trump aide is under fire and has had his security clearance revoked. But instead of letting him go, he's been appointed "a senior advisor for campaign operations" for Trump's re-election campaign.

John McEntee has served as Trump's personal aide for three years. He has been directly at Trump's side the entire time.

But when he was fired, he was removed from White House grounds without even being able to collect his belongings, even his jacket.

ABC News reported that McEntee lost his position because "there were issues with his background clearance." CNN relays that a source indicates McEntee is "currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes."

McEntee, as is so often the case with Trump's inner circle, is receiving a soft landing, getting a Trump campaign appointment despite the seriousness associated with his departure.

McEntee faced issues with his background clearance, which has become a significant, embarrassing scandal for the Trump administration, and highlights the administration's continued problems with crime and a lax attitude toward national security.

The Trump administration was forced to purge Rob Porter, a senior Trump aide who was given access to classified information. It turned out that Porter could not pass a security clearance because of a protection order against him from his ex-wife.

Porter was credibly accused of assaulting his ex-wives and photo evidence of his alleged assault was released and published.

That cover-up sparked a security review of the Trump White House, which eventually revealed that several staffers were given access to highly classified information they shouldn't have been.

Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has had his security clearance downgraded and the status of his daughter, Ivanka, is reportedly under review.

Trump has surrounded himself with individuals — including relatives — with troubling activities in their past. He comes himself from a background packed with shady activity, including connections to crooked figures in the underworld.

These connections are now running into the delicate subject of American national security, compounded by Trump's blasé attitude toward granting access to America's most important secrets.

The inner circle, including Trump, is tainted by crime and corruption. Now they have exposed America and the infection is running out of control.