Trump aides already terrified his Thanksgiving break boredom could cause a crisis


Aides close to Donald Trump are fearful that his free time over the Thanksgiving holiday to tweet and watch Fox News could lead to chaos — at home and around the world.

Donald Trump will have even more free time than usual on his hands over the Thanksgiving holiday, and his underlings are already worrying about possible fallout.

During a Cabinet meeting Monday, Trump told reporters, "I just want to wish everybody a very, very Happy Thanksgiving.  We're going to be working very hard during the recess in Florida. We're going to Florida."

But the prospect of Trump with so much free time on his hands appears to be giving insiders heartburn.


New York Times reporter Michael Shear noted on CNN, "If you talk to White House aides, they will tell you they worry when the president goes down to Mar-a-Lago because he has a lot of time on his hands and he tends to tweet and he tends to sort of rant about things."

Shear noted that Trump's entire fabricated story about supposedly being wiretapped by the Obama administration came during a "Saturday morning when he was at Mar-a-Lago."

The made-up story generated international headlines and congressional inquiries because Trump still fails to comprehend the power of his bully pulpit. He treats the presidency with the same seriousness that he did "The Apprentice" TV show.

But nobody's life was on the line when Trump was hanging out with Omarosa and Gary Busey.

Now, millions of lives are at stake.

A few months ago, Trump pushed classified information about North Korea on Twitter that United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley admitted endangered Americans. Trump has been making idle comments about the nuclear state, preferring to feed his ego rather than work through diplomatic channels.

He made moves like then when he was supposed to be at work. Now, during his long holiday at Mar-a-Lago, he will have even more time on his hands.

Based on his behavior, it isn't hard to imagine Trump igniting a major international crisis because his aides were unable to get him to focus while recovering from Thanksgiving dinner.

Domestically, the situation isn't any better. Trump continually has used his platform to target black athletes, specifically singling them out for protesting against police brutality. In September, he even assured reporters that devoting so much time to attacking athletes wasn't distracting him from doing his job because, he said, "I have plenty of time on his hands."

His lenient policy toward Nazis and white supremacists is well documented. Again, idle time on his hands could result in Trump inciting his most ardent, racist supporters — pushing them to violence.

Vacation at Mar-a-Lago will also give Trump time to consider the several growing investigations into his campaign and Russian collusion. Idle time will allow Trump to contemplate the work of special counsel Robert Mueller, whose office just interviewed White House officials, including communications director Hope Hicks.

Idle Trump — who will undoubtedly be watching plenty of Fox News — may see the walls closing in, and increase the pressure on the Department of Justice to hound Hillary Clinton. He could tweet out rants with illegal directives, or more absurd conspiracy theories, or even push for the firing of more officials — inciting a constitutional crisis.

The more time Trump has, the more his habitually chaotic personality is allowed to fester and fidget, and the more in danger America and the wider world will be.

Those closest to him are extremely aware of this, and now on alert. Everyone, unfortunately, has to be.