Trump obsesses about Alabama for 5th straight day as Dorian approaches Carolinas


Hurricane Dorian was never a real threat to Alabama, but Trump has spent five days claiming it was.

As Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the coast of South Carolina on Thursday, threatening the homes and lives of thousands of Americans, Trump was tweeting about his incorrect hurricane warning made five days ago.

"Just as I said, Alabama was originally projected to be hit. The Fake News denies it!" Trump wrote, alongside maps projecting the storm's path created long before his erroneous declaration.

While early projections said there was a remote possibility the storm could affect Alabama, the information Trump had available on September 1 did not include Alabama. The National Weather Service made that clear and corrected Trump's tweet on the same day.

"Hurricane force winds are now coming ashore in South Carolina," the Weather Channel reported while Trump was tweeting. "Hurricane Dorian is lashing the Carolinas with storm surge flooding, rainfall flooding, high winds and tornadoes and will have impacts in southeast Virginia and southeast Massachusetts Friday and Saturday."

Trump is in his fifth day of fighting reality to push his claim. He wasn't right and there isn't any combination of maps or rhetoric that can change what happened.

"The National Hurricane Center has issued 45 advisories giving probabilities for tropical storm and hurricane force winds for dozens of cities. Alabama locations have not been in any of those wind probability advisories, although Massachusetts and Canadian locales have been listed," the Associated Press reported.

On Wednesday, Trump posed in the Oval Office with a map altered by a black marker to make it appear like the storm had been projected to hit Alabama.

Trump's tirade echoed his claim in March that he didn't refer to Apple CEO Tim Cook as "Tim Apple" when video clearly showed him making the flub.

Hurricane Dorian never threatened Alabama. Ever.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.