Trump's base rejects his failing agenda in humiliating new secret poll


Trump's pollsters tried to prove the American people support what Trump is doing. Their polls proved the opposite.

Despite Trump's historic unpopularity, loyalists like the dark-money group America First Policies are convinced the people support Trump on the issues. But when they ran a secret poll to back this up, it bombed spectacularly.

According to America First Policies' September 2017 findings, Trump's base is no longer interested in building the wall. Trump voters rank it dead last on their list of policy priorities.

The group's February 2018 findings were even more disastrous on a number of levels. Voters disapprove of Trump's handling of health care by 17 points, Dreamers by 13 points, "draining the swamp" by 13 points, North Korea by 10 points, and national security by 4 points.

And by a margin of 58 to 34, voters agreed "our Members of Congress should be a check and balance on Donald Trump."

The poll's bad news wasn't limited to Trump himself. It also included ominous signs for Republicans in Congress.

According to the February results, voters back Democrats by 5 points on the generic congressional ballot. And by a margin of 68 to 31, voters prefer leaving Obamacare as is, or improving it, to repeal.

On the GOP tax scam, which Republicans hoped they could run on in the midterms, the findings are less than stellar. Though public opinion on the tax bill has improved from its disastrous numbers last year, and it is now slightly above water at 46 to 43, it is still bitterly divisive. By a margin of 51 to 41, voters say neither they nor anyone they know has benefited from the bill.

Perhaps most embarrassingly, the poll found that by 49 to 43, voters agree with Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi's comment that the tax benefit for the middle class is "crumbs" compared to corporate tax breaks.

Republican operatives had hoped to attack Democrats with this line, even going so far as to chant it at activists holding a rally for school shooting victims. But after seeing their new paychecks, and after House Speaker Paul Ryan cluelessly boasted about a secretary getting an extra $1.50, voters clearly think Pelosi has a point.

The fact that even this alliance, led by such Trump campaign veterans as Corey Lewandowski and Katrina Pierson, could not find enthusiastic support for Trump and the Republican agenda speaks volumes.

Trump faces a reckoning in the midterms. And as even his own loyalists have found, it could end in disaster.