Trump approval crashes 20 percent in poll he touted as 'most accurate'


Donald Trump's approval has dropped to a new low in the conservative Rasmussen poll, echoing his failure in other more mainstream polls as his administration fails and flounders.

In a cabinet meeting on Monday, Donald Trump proclaimed, "Overall, I think we’re doing incredibly well." But one of the most conservative polls in America shows that the American people continue to disagree emphatically.

In the latest data point showing Trump's increasing unpopularity, his approval rating in the conservative Rasmussen poll has dropped below to 39 percent. Not only is this the first time Trump has fallen so low in this particular poll, but the new rating is a collapse of 20 percent from his high in Rasmussen.

The new data comes after Trump and his congressional allies in the Republican Party failed to pass their plan to repeal health  care reform, which died last week in the Senate.

Trump also has triggered a succession of embarrassing events, including rebukes from the military, police departments and the Boy Scouts, as well as the disastrous hiring of new communications director Anthony Scaramucci coupled with the firings of Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus.

In the Jan. 26 poll, six days after his inauguration, Trump had a 59 percent approval from Rasmussen. Rasmussen's data is definitely an outlier, as polling averages have never shown Trump with anything higher than a 46 percent approval rating. Rasmussen has a history of polls showing Republicans with stronger support than other pollsters.

Trump was so pleased with Rasmussen's conservative-leaning numbers, he touted the results in June, promoting a poll that gave him a 50 percent approval rating:

The day after his tweet, Trump was already down to 48 percent, and then dropped another 9 percent after. Not surprisingly, he hasn't been singing Rasmussen's praises since then.

Trump has no signature legislative accomplishments, his administration is encircled in scandal and controversy, and America — even in conservative polls — thinks he's doing a poor job.

Yet Trump says he is doing "incredibly well." That is the dictionary definition of out of touch.