Trump arrives at golf resort as Gold Star family buries soldier he sent on doomed mission


Instead of honoring Sgt. La David Johnson's sacrifice for the nation, Trump will spend his 74th day on a golf course.

As grieving family members and friends say their final goodbyes to a fallen soldier, the commander in chief will spend the day at his golf resort.

According to press reports, Donald Trump arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia around 10:55 a.m. Saturday, just minutes before the funeral for Army Sgt. La David Johnson was scheduled to begin in Hollywood, Florida.

Johnson was among four American soldiers killed in an ISIS-led ambush in Niger on Oct. 4. Questions about the circumstances of his death emerged almost immediately, and only escalated when it was revealed that Johnson's body had been left behind for 48 hours after the attack. His body was ultimately recovered in a remote area nearly a mile away from the scene of the ambush.

Adding to the horror, Trump knowingly sent the four U.S. soldiers on a doomed mission, after ignoring repeated warnings and pleas for additional support from the military. Trump never sent that support; instead, he sent the soldiers directly into harm's way, knowing that they didn't have the resources they needed for the mission.

The situation has been called a "massive intelligence failure" — one that Trump oversaw in his role as commander in chief.

In the aftermath of the doomed mission, Trump has shown no remorse or willingness to reflect on the circumstances that led to the deaths of four soldiers. Instead, he spent this week attacking the family and friends of Johnson, in an attempt to divert attention away from his reckless decision to ignore warnings and to send the soldiers on a doomed mission with no concern for their safety.

And now, as a grieving Gold Star family mourns the loss of their loved one and lays him to rest, Trump has chosen to spend yet another day at his golf resort — his 74th day since taking office in January.

Perhaps if he spent less time at the golf course and attacking people, and more time doing his job, he would have realized the dangers and called off the doomed mission that led to Johnson's death.