Trump attacks his FBI director for refusing to lie about 'spying'


Trump is mad that the FBI director he appointed won't repeat baseless conspiracy theories on the Mueller probe.

Trump, GOP lawmakers, and the Fox News sycophants who prop them up have long been pushing a baseless conspiracy theory that Trump was spied on by the FBI during the 2016 campaign.

But FBI Director Christopher Wray — whom Trump appointed after he fired James Comey in an apparent effort to obstruct justice — won't go along with that malevolent narrative, telling a Senate committee last week that he doesn't "have any evidence" to back that claim up.

And that has enraged Trump, who on Tuesday told reporters that it was "ridiculous" that Wray wouldn't back up Trump's lies.

"I didn't understand his answer, because I thought the attorney general answered it perfectly, so I certainly didn't understand that answer, I thought it was a ridiculous answer," Trump told reporters gathered on the White House lawn as he left for a trip to Louisiana.

Trump was referring to Attorney General William Barr's irresponsible shilling for Trump during a hearing in April.

"I think spying did occur," Barr said at the April 10 hearing, saying he was launching yet another unnecessary investigation into the probe of the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.

Unlike Barr, who has acted as Trump's personal legal defense counsel rather than the impartial chief law enforcement officer of the United States, Wray was acting responsibly.

Yet doing the right thing only earned Wray admonishment from Trump.

This is part of a pattern for Trump, who has also been lashing out at former White House counsel Don McGahn — who refused to carry out an order to obstruct justice and fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

It seems that in order to be on Trump's good side, you have to lie as much a he does.

It's no wonder Trump is surrounded by the "Bad News Bears" of political aides.

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