Trump may have to face even bigger 'Trump baby' blimp during UK visit


The blimp that scared Trump away from London is back.

The last time he visited the United Kingdom, Trump avoided the entire city of London because he knew activists there were floating a diaper-wearing "Trump baby" blimp made in his image.

Now that Trump is planning his first official state visit to the U.K., the blimp is back — and organizers are considering flying an even bigger, better version of it.

“The Trump baby will definitely fly again,” organizer Leo Murray told the Guardian newspaper. “We have been toying with the idea of a Trump baby hot air balloon, which would be about five times the size.”

During his last trip to the U.K., Trump took the unusual step of avoiding London, which both of his predecessors, Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, visited without serious incident.

And Trump admitted that the baby blimp is what scared him off.

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London,” Trump whined to the Sun newspaper in 2018.

But Trump does intend to visit London on his upcoming trip, which is scheduled to include lunch and dinner at Buckingham Palace — and the blimp will be there and waiting.

Local officials appear to be giving activists the green light to fly the Trump baby, the Guardian reports.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has indicated that, as before, city officials would be inclined to give approval for the blimp to fly again. And Clive Lewis, a member of Parliament, asked protesters to “dust off the blimp” to greet Trump, who is widely disliked in England.

Where Trump goes, his diaper-wearing doppelganger has followed.

Last year, the Trump baby blimp followed Trump back home across the Atlantic Ocean and was flown in New Jersey near his golf course in Bedminster.

This year, U.K. organizers expect even more opposition to Trump.

“Trump’s visit last year mobilized a large number of people, but a year later the man has done more to rip up human rights, step back from international norms, continued his climate denialism and fueled white nationalism,” said Asad Rehman, executive director of War on Want.

Trump’s trip is already off to an inauspicious start, as the British government was just forced to publicly rebuke him for spouting off about a conspiracy theory involving the surveillance agency GBHQ.

While the U.K. government had to call Trump “ridiculous,” the baby blimp has never caused an international incident or embarrassment.

Maybe Trump can live up to the blimp’s standard of behavior for a change.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.