Trump blames Sessions for loss of Alabama Senate seat Trump asked him to give up


Republicans losing a Senate seat in Alabama is largely Donald Trump's fault. But instead of taking any blame, Trump is typically pointing fingers elsewhere.

Donald Trump loves to blame everybody around him for making mistakes that make him look stupid or foolish, even when the person who made the mistake is Trump himself.

The Associated Press notes that Trump partially blamed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the Republican Party's humiliating loss of a Senate seat in ruby-red Alabama. But the absurd nature of Trump fuming about Sessions' role in this is instantly obvious.

Sessions had to leave his seat in the Senate because Trump asked him to be his attorney general. The whole reason there was an open special election in Alabama is Trump — had he not tapped Sessions, there would have been no race.

Indeed, the whole battle for the seat is a series of eggs smashing into Trump's face. After triggering the special election, Trump then backed Luther Strange, who was the sitting senator temporarily appointed to the seat.

Then Strange lost the Alabama primary to Roy Moore. Trump could have distanced himself from Moore, rejecting his anti-Muslim comments and repeated disdain for the First Amendment separation of church and state. He chose not to.

When reports emerged with credible allegations against Moore of pedophilia and sexual misconduct toward minors, Trump again had a choice to shun the nominee. He chose not to.

Instead, Trump took up the cause of an accused pedophile and, along with other Republicans, backed Moore as a reliable Trump vote. The Republican Party, under Trump, essentially announced that it had an open-door policy toward child abusers.

Alabama voters had enough, revolted, and elected Democrat Doug Jones to the seat, pushing the Senate towards the Democratic Party a year before the midterm elections. Republicans, led by Trump and his poor decision-making, lost a seat in Alabama.


Democrats, aiming for major gains in Congress in 2018 have Trump's egocentric, disastrous decision making to thank for making their jobs slightly easier. Unable to admit when he screwed up, Trump instead is blaming Sessions.

Based on those instincts and his narcissism, Trump is setting himself up to blame a lot of people for other losses to come.