Trump blames his staff for all the stories about his failed presidency


Completely obsessed with the Russia probe, Trump keeps attacking his own aides for a crisis they didn't create.

Fuming about the bad press he's receiving, Trump has apparently convinced himself that his staffers aren't up to their jobs. But the chaos that continues to roil the White House all flows directly from him.

Already overseeing a senior staff and Cabinet that has suffered more abrupt exits and firings than any administration in modern history, Trump seems to think more turmoil might be the answer.

And the constant carping about his staff completely undercuts his promise to hire only "the best" for White House positions.

Because even Trump doesn't think those "best people" are cutting it anymore.

"He blames his staff for not delivering better headlines on key initiatives, like tax cuts or a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea," The New York Times reports.

In addition, West Wing leaks continue to enrage Trump — even though he himself is often the source.

"Dozens of senior White House officials speak to reporters on a daily basis, including, at times, President Donald Trump himself," according to CNN.

He's certainly not the first president to wallow in self-pity. As his presidency unraveled during Watergate, Richard Nixon also bemoaned all the bad press he was getting.

But Nixon didn't send out a blizzard of unsupported missives about the scandal. Yet Trump has done just that on Twitter regarding the encroaching Russia probe, making it all but impossible for the White House's communications staff to generate positive coverage.

If Trump wants the investigation to fade from the headlines, obsessively ranting about it publicly certainly won't help. And it won't do anything to ensure his supposed "accomplishments" receive the amount of attention he desires.

But Trump can't help himself.

Consumed with self-pity and a growing fear of self-inflicted legal jeopardy, he continues to make a complete mess of things.

And then he blames his staff.

Because he apparently can't imagine that he's the problem, not the beleaguered team around him tasked with cleaning up the wreckage he leaves in his wake.

It's true that on occasion some of those staffers do create the bad press. A communications staffer mocked cancer-stricken Sen. John McCain, claiming his stance on Trump's nominee for CIA chief was irrelevant because McCain was "dying anyway."

But the Trump White House compounded the story by refusing to apologize publicly. Instead, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lashed out at the leaker.

"I think it is disgusting and some of the most shameful behavior that you could ever engage in," Sanders complained on Fox News. But she was referring to the leak of the hateful comment, not the comment itself or the person who said it.

The cascading bad news that washes over the White House every day is not the fault of low-level staffers. If Trump is upset about bad headlines, he has only himself and his erratic, incompetent presidency to blame.