Trump booed on live TV at Alabama-Georgia championship football game


Even in the reddest of red states, Trump can't go anywhere without facing vocal opposition.

Donald Trump is used to surrounding himself with adoring fans at political rallies.

But when he steps outside of that pre-scripted setting to attend events open to the public, he is met with derision and protests — even in the deepest red parts of the country.

On Monday night, Trump traveled to Atlanta to see the NCAA National Championship game between Georgia and Alabama, and the reception that greeted him was not exactly friendly.

As the city prepared for Trump’s arrival, protesters from Refuse Fascism ATL gathered at the nearby CNN Center:

While officials waited for Trump to arrive, several entrances to the stadium were shut, leaving angry fans stuck outside in the rain:

And when Trump finally arrived, thousands of people in the stadium responded with furious boos:

If Trump had expected a friendly crowd that would validate his perception of continued strength and popularity in the South, Monday's game fell far short of expectations.

Americans are sick of the failed Trump presidency — of all of its lies, corruption, and racial pandering. Even in the Deep South, Trump can no longer count on a friendly reception.

There's only one thing to say about that: SAD!