Trump whines that people would like his wall if it just had some paint


In a rant detached from reality, Trump tried to say 'rust' explains why no one likes his racist wall idea.

In one of his signature bizarre, rambling rants, Trump today blamed "unattractive" and "ugly" walls that have "rust" for the unpopularity of his plan to construct a racist border wall.

With his Cabinet and top advisers in attendance, Trump was asked by members of the media to discuss ongoing negotiations about his border wall demands in Congress. Trump then launched into an unhinged monologue.

"We're getting a beautiful looking structure that's also less expensive to build, and works much better," he began. "It was crazy what they were putting up — in fact, I happen to think that the walls that they were building were so unattractive and so ugly that walls got bad names."


He didn't stop there: "They were so ugly, with rusted steel and big ugly plates on top that were all tin-canned... It's called tin-canned where they're wavy... because the heat makes 'em — expand and contract, and they tin-can."

Trump then leaned on a favorite device — holding a conversation between himself and an unknown third party, typically invoking a person he has clearly made up to make himself look smart.

"I say, 'Why didn't you paint the steel?' 'Well sir, we save money by not painting it.' I said 'Yeah, but it's going to rust.'"

He concluded the troubling display by blaming the past tyranny of unpainted walls on past presidents.

"I've never seen — I've ordered a lot of steel — I've never seen in m whole life steel come to me that was unpainted. This could only happen at the border. It wasn't me. It was our past geniuses."

Trump's wall is unpopular. Most Americans do not believe that a wall targeted at screening out Latino migrants is the way to deal with immigration.

Contrary to Trump's strange show, it is not the aesthetics of a wall that make it unpopular, but the idea in the first place. People understand that a wall can be subverted, climbed or tunneled under, for one thing. It isn't a serious deterrent or a solution to a major problem.

In reality, it's something Trump's inner circle came up with as a rhetorical trick to get him to talk about immigration. But it has now become an absurd obsession that has overtaken Trump, leading him to shut down the government and hurt the lives of millions.

That's why — in addition to his own natural detachment from reality — Trump broke down and blathered about painting walls, rust, and other disturbingly unserious detail. Meanwhile, this man is in charge of America's nuclear arsenal.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.