Trump breaks promise to reveal secret intel on Russian hacking by Wednesday


On New Year's Eve, President-elect Donald Trump promised to reveal secret information which would potentially contradict the conclusion of 17 U.S. intelligence agencies that the Russian government was behind the cyberattacks during the presidential election. The promised deadline for that revelation, "Tuesday or Wednesday," has passed, and Trump has not delivered.

During a brief exchange between President-elect Donald Trump and reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate on New Year's Eve, Trump claimed that he has secret information regarding Russia's involvement in the hacks that the FBI and CIA say were intended to deliver him the election. His clear intimation was that the information could exonerate Russia.

Without saying where that secret information came from, Trump promised that he would be revealing it soon (emphasis mine):

REPORTER: It seems inappropriate for the occasion, but it seems like you have a tendency, looking at it from the outside, to doubt American intelligence when it comes to Russian hacking. I'm trying to better understand why it seems that way.

TRUMP: Well, I just want them to be sure. Because it's a pretty serious charge and I want them to be sure. And if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster. And they were awful. And so I want them to be sure. I think it's unfair if they don't know. And I know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. So it could be somebody else. And I also know things that other people don't know and so, they cannot be sure of this situation.

REPORTER: What do you know that other people don't know?

TRUMP: You'll find out on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Such information, if it ever existed, remains locked away with Trump's secret instant-defeat-of-ISIS plan and the thick dossier his team of investigators are compiling on Obama's real birth certificate.

Trump did comment on remarks that Julian Assange made publicly, but that is not something he could have known about on Saturday, unless he is secretly colluding with the Wikileaks founder.

That might be a good question to ask Trump if he ever delivers on his promise of a full press conference.

It is not at all surprising that Trump failed to reveal information that likely does not exist, but it is absolutely crucial that the corporate media hold him accountable for failing to deliver. They have aided him in sowing lying seeds of doubt, and thus they should make him reap the consequences of his lies.