Trump calls a black woman a 'dog' to prove he's not racist


Yes, Trump is racist. Very, very racist. And he always has been.

Trump is horribly racist. But we've known that all along.

He launched his campaign in 2016 by calling Mexicans rapists. He says predominantly Latino immigrants are "animals." He says black athletes who protest police brutality — and are American citizens, by the way — "shouldn't be in the country." He called Nazis "very fine people."

And oh yes, he spent years insisting the first black president of the United States is illegitimate.

Now he's calling Omarosa Manigault Newman, the one black adviser he had before she was fired, a "dog." A  "crazed, lowlife" dog at that.

Trump tweet

And why is the former reality TV star whom he has repeatedly praised now a "dog"? Because she has said that he is unhinged, which he clearly is and which no one needed her to tell us. We can see it for ourselves every day that Trump takes to his Twitter during his "executive time."

And what particular detail has Trump and his White House so upset he is obsessing about his former aide for the second day in a row, instead of doing his job and talking about, say, the 1,427 Americans who died in Puerto Rico and whose deaths he is plainly ignoring?

The long-rumored existence of a tape in which Trump says the "N-word." It's a rumor that predates the latest Omarosa bombshell interviews, but apparently, it particularly bothers Trump that she is saying it too.

After all, as he admitted Monday, the whole reason he hired her in the first place and wanted to keep her around the White House is because she said "GREAT things" about him. And as the only black adviser in his painfully white (supremacist) inner circle, he especially appreciated having an African American around to praise him.

So few do, after all.

So to have the black woman who once proclaimed that "every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump" confirm what we all knew already — that yes, he's a despicable racist — clearly gets under his very thin skin.

Which is why he's determined to "prove" how racist he isn't. Except that he is. He is so deeply racist that even in his attempts to prove otherwise, he's instead confirming yet again his grotesque racism.

Nobody should be shocked by it, though. Because this is who Trump is. This is who he's always been. He is an unapologetic racist, and anyone who might question that need only watch him now try to "prove" otherwise.

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