Trump camp in 2016: 'When you're attacking FBI agents ... you're losing'


Back in November, Sarah Huckabee Sanders proclaimed it was a mark of desperation for people under investigation to criticize the FBI. Now the tables have turned.

Strange as it may seem now, there was a time when Donald Trump and his Republican associates thought the FBI was completely unimpeachable and beyond reproach.

Specifically, that time was back in November, when Republicans on the House Oversight Committee leaked a letter from former FBI Director James Comey to misleadingly imply Hillary Clinton was under criminal investigation.

One particularly memorable quote on the subject came from then-Trump surrogate Sarah Huckabee Sanders — who was promoted to White House press secretary after Sean Spicer suddenly resigned.


In November, just days before the election, Sanders responded to speculation that some FBI agents might be playing politics:

Flash forward to today. Deeply mired in controversy and criminal investigations of his involvement with Russian interference in the election, Trump is doing absolutely everything he can to obstruct and demonize federal investigators.

The most obvious example was Trump's decision to fire Comey for investigating Trump's associates — an action that forced the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Though Trump has been up front about his motive to obstruct justice, he has also repeatedly attacked Comey's character. He called Comey a "nut job" and baselessly claimed he was incompetent and did not know how to lead the bureau. In his recent interview with The New York Times, he also said Comey is "not a smart guy."

Comey is not the only subject of Trump's attacks. In the same interview, Trump threatened to have Mueller fired if he investigates his businesses, said that incoming FBI Director Christopher Wray had better do whatever he demands, and remarked that he would not have appointed Jeff Sessions attorney general if he had known Sessions would not obstruct the Russia investigation for him.

Unsurprisingly, Sanders no longer holds the position that federal investigators are beyond reproach. Indeed, she has dutifully echoed her boss's attitude, even claiming that Comey is guilty of "atrocities."

The American people should heed her wisdom from November. Trump's attacks on the FBI and on independent prosecutors are a sure sign he is losing. No amount of bullying and insults will halt the wheels of justice.