Trump demands millions from Omarosa for revealing just how racist he is


By trying to silence Omarosa Manigault Newman and her stories of Trump's racism, his campaign seems to be confirming that they're true.

While Trump is raging against his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman and the allegations of racism in her new tell-all book, the Trump campaign is demanding millions of dollars from her for supposedly violating a non-disclosure agreement.

Despite claims that Manigault Newman is lying, the campaign is effectively confirming her allegations by saying that her revelations and secret recordings of conversations within the White House broke their deal.

The campaign filed an arbitration against her and leaked advance word of the action, along with a copy of the original NDA, to conservative Washington Examiner reporter Paul Bedard, who has connections to the pro-Trump Drudge Report where the story was quickly placed.

Manigault Newman says she heard Trump using the N-word on an audio recording and said that "it confirmed he is truly a racist." Audio she recorded also indicates top Trump staffers discussing how to manage fallout from his racist outburst.

With its filing, the Trump campaign is inadvertently lending considerable credibility to the examples of racism Manigault Newman has alleged.

The book and its related subsequent fallout in the news has driven Trump into a rage-tweeting frenzy. He has called Manigault Newman "wacky" and a "dog."

Trump is a racist, a fact confirmed through years and years of his rhetoric and actions. Since taking office, he has continued his racist behavior, even praising neo-Nazi groups.

Of course, Manigault Newman was fine working for him on the campaign and then in the White House, despite the voluminous evidence of his racism that was already on the public record.

Trump surrounds himself with the worst people because he values their ability to suck up to him far more than their skill, competence, or suitability to the position.

In this instance, the deep-seated need for another section in his personal "amen" chorus is once again blowing up in his face and exposing more of his bigoted underbelly to the world.

Trump is a racist and most Americans understand that already. His actions simply continue to confirm the facts that are already in evidence.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.