Trump to campaign for GOP House candidate who invested in white supremacist site


Trump promised to go to North Carolina and stump for state Sen. Dan Bishop, a far-right Republican with ties to white supremacy.

Trump announced Thursday that he will go to North Carolina ahead of a Sept. 10 special election and stump for a far-right Republican known for his anti-LGBTQ views and ties to white supremacists.

"Looking forward to soon being in North Carolina to hold a big rally for wonderful Dan Bishop, who is running for Congress," Trump tweeted. After attacking the Marine Corps veteran running against Bishop, Trump added, "Dan has my Full and Complete Endorsement!"

Bishop, a state senator, has faced a flood of scandal during the special election race.

In July, documents surfaced showing that Bishop compared his bigoted attempts to discriminate against the transgender community to Oscar Schindler, a German businessman who saved more than 1,000 Jews during the Holocaust.

Bishop is the author of the notorious anti-LGBTQ "bathroom bill" in North Carolina, a bill so bigoted that the state had to repeal it after nationwide protests.

Bishop's ties to a white supremacist website recently resurfaced as well. In 2017, shortly after white supremacists and neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville and subsequently murdered a woman, Bishop invested in Gab, a Twitter-like social media site that caters to white supremacists.

Gab is such a hate-filled site that neither Apple nor Google will allow its app on their respective platform. After Bishop publicized his investment, a local newspaper said he was "taking the side shared by white supremacists and other racists and bigots."

North Carolina is having a special election in September because Republicans tried to illegally steal votes in the 2018 midterm, forcing the state to call a do-over. Republican operatives, many of whom have been arrested, engaged in an election fraud scheme to collect absentee ballots, and in some cases fill in the ballots to vote for the Republican in the race.

Democrat Dan McCready, a Marine Corps veteran, ran in 2018 and is running again in the special election.

In 2018, Trump endorsed Mark Harris, the Republican who ran.

Bishop's bigoted views about the LGBTQ community and his ties to white supremacy have not stopped Trump from not only supporting but actively endorsing Bishop.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.