Trump campaign instructs blacks to honor Black History Month by supporting Trump


Trump's re-election campaign makes Black History Month all about Trump.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign commemorated the beginning of Black History Month with a press release instructing black Americans to celebrate by showing their support for Trump, who is a racist.

A press release attributed to Pastor Darrell Scott, a member of the Trump campaign's advisory board, said Black History Month gives Americans a chance to find "new ways to foster opportunities in Black communities across the country under the leadership of President Donald Trump."

The release then echoed Trump's call in his State of the Union address for a "New American Moment" — a phrase cribbed from a Hillary Clinton speech in 2010.

"We hope this month offers the chance for reflection and action that will continue to open up the American Dream once again to Black families everywhere," the campaign says. "This will be the most fitting tribute to the legacy of those who sacrificed so much in the past to position us for this 'New American Moment.'"

Attempting to link the re-election campaign of the overtly racist Trump to the legacy of racial justice is shockingly cynical, given Trump's unapologetic rhetoric and actions just since taking office.

In the year since Trump was inaugurated, he has used his position to advocate for racist ideas and ideals. He described violent neo-Nazis as "very fine people," repeatedly hailed monuments to pro-slavery Confederates, and attacked NFL players for protesting the mistreatment of blacks by police.

Trump tried to ruin the celebration of a museum honoring the civil rights movement by ignoring pleas from the NAACP and black activists and members of Congress to stay away — all so he could get a photo op.

His press secretary then attacked those lawmakers, including John Lewis, by suggesting they were refusing to honor the sacrifice of civil rights heroes — like Lewis.

His behavior in office is a continuation of his long legacy of bigotry, and for him and his campaign to absurdly connect his presidency to Black History Month is beyond reason and logic.

Trump has pulled himself to power while riding on the back of bigotry, and nothing has changed except perhaps he has gotten worse while possessing the presidency.