Watch Trump campaign official flee when asked for evidence of 'illegal' votes


The Trump campaign continues to attack the integrity of the election, but it doesn't want to have to explain itself to the press.

A Trump campaign official ran away from reporters on Thursday after refusing to answer questions about unfounded allegations he made about "illegitimate" ballots cast in Nevada.

Richard Grenell, who served as the Ambassador to Germany and as the acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, joined the Trump campaign in May.

He and other Trump campaign officials held a press conference on Thursday, alleging without evidence that "illegal ballots" are being counted in Nevada.

In the current count of Nevada's votes, Vice President Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by at least 11,000 votes.

At the conclusion of the press conference, MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff asked Grenell to provide evidence of his allegation, which echoes other unsubstantiated claims that have been made by Trump and his campaign.

"You should go in and ask the question of the clerk," Grenell responded as he walked toward a van.

Soboroff pressed him for an answer, noting that he had made the claim and also falsely alleged that Republicans had not been allowed to place in an election observer in the room where votes were counted.

Grenell would not respond and instead entered the vehicle. Another reporter asked for evidence of his claim but was also left unanswered.

Trump and his campaign are engaged in a strategy of attacking the integrity of the election with unfounded claims as Biden accumulates votes and nears a win.

From Nov. 5 on MSNBC:

JACOB SOBOROFF, MSNBC: Ric Grenell, we're live on MSNBC right now, can you talk about the evidence you're claiming thousands of illegitimate votes here in Nevada. What's the evidence?


RICHARD GRENELL: You should go in and ask the question of the clerk —


SOBOROFF: No, no, no, no.


GRENELL: — which you haven't done yet.


SOBOROFF: You guys just made the claim, no in fact you also said there's no election observers.


There's Democratic and Republican election observers inside Mr. Grenell. Former DNI Grenell, acting DNI.


Where's the evidence of the fraud? You haven't presented any evidence of fraud.


REPORTER: Where's the evidence?


SOBOROFF: They've presented no evidence of fraud. So, we're live on MSNBC, you've said thousands of illegitimate ballots—




SOBOROFF: Matt Schlapp, where's the illegitimate ballots? Where are the illegitimate ballots?


PROTESTER: Fox News sucks.

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