Trump caves on border shutdown threat after everyone says it's a bad idea


Trump backed down from his promise to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border after almost everyone told him how catastrophic that closure would be.

Sometimes Trump's impulses are so reckless that they can spark an outcry so loud it's enough to get the intransigent and impulsive egomaniac to back down.

Trump's threat to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border is one of those moments.

On Friday morning, Trump told reporters that he is no longer going to close the border, and instead threatened Mexico with tariffs on cars if the country doesn't stop the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

Of course, placing tariffs on cars would be incredibly damaging economically as well, but would fall short of the complete disaster business leaders and politicians on both sides of the aisle were sounding the alarm about should Trump actually close the border.

True to Trump form, however, he made up a fake excuse about why he backed down from his stupid threat, but claimed to have "never changed [his] mind at all" about the closure — despite doing exactly that.

"Mexico, I have to say, has been very, very good, you know that, over the last four days since I talked about shutting down the border," Trump said from the White House lawn Friday morning, before jetting off to California to visit a section of the border wall Trump claims is new but is actually decades old. "If they continue that, everything will be fine. If they don't we're going to tariff their cars at 25 percent coming into the United States."

Of course, Mexico says it changed absolutely nothing about its migration policies. Trump seems to have invented that claim out of thin air, like many of the dumb lies he's told since taking office.

This is not the first time this week that Trump has backed away from a plan.

On Tuesday, Trump stood down from his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with some magical "spectacular" health care plan.

That move came after Republicans privately wigged out, knowing they have no health care plan that would protect people with pre-existing conditions, and that wading into the health care fight would only hurt the party as badly as it did in the 2018 midterm elections.

Still, while Trump has backed away from closing the border, he left the door open to shuttering it in the future.

"I may shut it down at some point," Trump said Friday morning.

We're not fully out of the woods yet.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.