Trump charges the government every time he takes a luxury golf trip


With his resort cashing big checks from the Secret Service each time he hits the links, there's no incentive for Trump to stop.

One reason Donald Trump might enjoy spending so much time golfing is that the federal government essentially pays him extra every time he hits the links.

Specifically, the Secret Service has already spent tens of thousands of dollars this year at Trump’s Florida golf resort, Mar-a-Lago, where he regularly spent weekends over the winter.

Because Trump refuses to cut all ties with his resort business, his company is cashing big checks each time he travels to the golf courses and the Secret Service has to provide protection. So every time Trump traveled to Mar-a-Lago this year, his resort directly banked money from the federal government, thereby giving him an incentive to golf more often.

“Most of the $63,700 in payments from the Secret Service to Mar-a-Lago were made between February and April, and were categorized as hotel costs on government expense forms,” CNN now reports. “Although the Secret Service routinely pays private businesses for costs that arise while protecting the president, government ethics hawks argue Trump may personally profit from his visits.”

Following his inauguration, Trump spent a total of 25 days at the Mar-a-Lago between Feb. 3 and April 16. The resort is closed during the summer months.

Last month, we learned Trump’s resort charged the Coast Guard $1,092 for a two-night stay.

This is all part of the larger ethical morass that surrounds the Trump White House and how he and his family constantly try to cash in on the presidency. He has refused to divest from his business holdings, and when he leaves office, he’s set to profit in on all the earnings that accrued while he was in the White House.

For instance, after being elected, Trump quickly doubled the members’ fees at Mar-a-Lago, knowing that his constant presence at the club would increase the resort's value. And in July, USA Today reported that the Secret Service has spent at least $137,505 to rent golf carts to protect Trump this year at his private clubs in New Jersey and Florida.

Only nine months into his term, Trump has already established a rate of golf-playing that would likely obliterate any previous modern day pace for a sitting president. We aren’t sure exactly how many times Trump has played this year since the White House keeps that information top secret.

Trump obviously sees no political downside to his relentless golfing habit. Turns out it might actually be good for his bank account.