Trump claims to be leading in states where he's been behind for 5 months


He claimed to be up in six swing states — but he's trailing in all of them.

Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he is leading in each of six swing states, despite polling averages showing him behind in every one of them.

In an interview on Fox News, Trump told host Sean Hannity that Joe Biden was changing his campaign strategy based on a huge swing in poll numbers. Polling has not shown this at all. Biden's national lead, currently at more than 7 points, has been stable for months.

"All of a sudden, he sees what's happening with his poll numbers — cause as you see, we're going way up," Trump falsely claimed. "I think we're leading in Florida. We're leading in Wisconsin. We're leading in Pennsylvania. We're leading in North Carolina. I think we're leading in New Hampshire. We're leading by a lot — and we're really leading by a lot in Ohio, I just saw a poll a little while ago. I think we're leading all over the place, frankly. But you know, the fake news doesn't like to say that."

Trump has trailed in the RealClearPolitics polling averages in Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania consistently since early April. Nearly every poll in those states has shown Biden ahead. Trump trails by 1.2% in Florida, 4.3% in Pennsylvania, and 6.4% in Wisconsin.

Trump has also trailed Biden in most polls in North Carolina, where Biden has a 1.5% average lead; Ohio, where Biden leads by an average of 2.4%; and New Hampshire, where Biden's lead is 9.7%.

While a recent Morning Consult poll showed Trump up by 5% in Ohio, his favorite pollster — the GOP-friendly Rasmussen Reports — recently showed Biden up by 4% in the state.

In the same "Hannity" appearance, Trump then scolded Fox News for having "among the worst pollsters of all." Its polls, like most others, show Biden well ahead. Trump has previously attacked the network for having polls that made him look bad, though he has also cited its polls many times when they are favorable.

FiveThirtyEight grades Fox News polling as an A-, based on methodology and historical accuracy.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to an inquiry for this story.

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