Trump clears Monday schedule for golf as Puerto Rico governor begs for help


Donald Trump cleared his Monday schedule for a golf outing with Sen. Lindsey Graham, even as the governor of Puerto Rico begged for help to deal with the island's "humanitarian crisis."

Less than 18 hours after patting himself on the back for doing "so much work" on Puerto Rico recovery, Donald Trump went on a weekday golf outing. The golf trip is the 71st of his presidency.

On the White House daily schedule, Trump had no public events listed for Monday. But he went out for a golf trip to his own course, Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

The couple arrived at the luxury golf course just as Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Nevares sent a letter to Congress requesting additional funds to recover from the "unprecedented catastrophe" that has hit the island. Nevares referred to a "humanitarian crisis" after the hurricane, and warned of the "unmet basic needs of the American citizens of Puerto Rico" becoming "even greater" unless the Republican-led government acts.

The Monday golf trip extended a weekend filled with golf for Trump, while 90 percent of Puerto Ricans lack power and half have been cut off from drinking water. During his brief visit to Puerto Rico last week, Trump responded with disgust when he was told Puerto Ricans were drinking what he called "dirty water" by adding iodine tablets to purify it.

Trump has spent 27 percent of his presidency — 71 of 262 days — playing golf. The aggressive leisure follows Trump's years of incessantly attacking President Barack Obama for playing golf while in office.

He slammed Obama for playing golf and granting "amnesty to illegals," and whined that taxpayers "pay for his golf."

Trump even asked, "Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf."

Yes, imagine.

While Trump has often tried to hide when he has gone out to play, he has thus far outpaced Obama.

The presidency has been turned into a golf trip delivery service for Trump, and if he has to ignore the crisis in Puerto Rico to improve his short game, so be it.