Trump crows about his 'great day at the White House' amidst utter chaos


Donald Trump's favorite pollster has his popularity tanking, his brand new communications director was just fired, and his press secretary sought to excuse his support of police brutality as a "joke." And Trump calls this a good day?

Monday was marred with internal chaos, cratering poll numbers, and outrageously insensitive comments from the White House.

But even in a White House known for bad days (and weeks and months), Monday was definitely near the top of the terrible ladder.

So how did the reality-challenged Donald Trump respond? Exactly as one would expect:

Wait, what? Let's review what actually happened on this "great day," shall we?

Monday started out with Trump's favorite polling outfit, the notoriously conservative Rasmussen poll, dropped to 39 percent. Not only is this the lowest Trump has seen in this poll, "the new rating is a collapse of 20 percent from his high in Rasmussen."

On the heels of that not-quite-triumphant news, Trump fired his newly minted communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, after only 10 days. As one astute Twitter observer noted:

Scaramucci had been brought on board in part to fire former chief of staff Reince Priebus, and was in turn canned by Priebus' successor, General John Kelly.

A recipe for greatness, for sure.

But the "great day" did not end there.

Police brutality is not considered a hilarious topic of conversation for people with a conscience, but apparently it is for this White House.

Trump sure seemed serious when he gave a speech to federal, state, and local law enforcement last week, encouraging them to be more physically forceful with suspects.

Yet the White House is claiming it was just a joke.

Apparently, Trump confused making a public speech before thousands of cops for amatuer night at the Gotham Comedy Club. In either case, he should have been booed off stage.

If this is Trump's idea of a "great day," surely nobody — least of all Trump himself — wants to see what a "bad day" would look like.