Trump: D-Day soldiers should be 'proud of their country' because of him


Trump used an ostensible tribute to D-Day soldiers to insist they should be 'proud of their country' because of his record on jobs.

Trump said the soldiers who fought on D-Day should be "proud of their country" because of the recent news on unemployment rates during his presidency.

He made his comments during a bill signing ceremony at the White House for the VA Mission Act.

After mentioning the 74th anniversary of D-Day, he said those soldiers "can be very proud of their country because literally this week, we have gotten the best financial numbers, the best economic numbers, the best numbers on unemployment and employment that we've ever had."

It was a strange and off-putting juxtaposition immediately after Trump praised the thousands who sacrificed their lives in battle, along with the valor of those who survived — including some men in the audience for his remarks.

Trump has sought to inject good economic news into his remarks while also taking credit for the effect of the recovery measures implemented by President Barack Obama.

Trump has more of a track record affiliated with attacking and denigrating military service, rather than praising it.

He said former POW Sen. John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured, refused to stand for the sounding of the "Retreat" ceremony while on a military base, and spent weeks attacking the family of a Muslim military hero.

Trump has also repeatedly sought to use policy to hurt military veterans.

The idea that heroes of D-Day should feel pride in their country because of this embarrassing presidency is deeply insulting, but par for the course for this occupant of the Oval Office.