Trump wants to deport families of US troops serving overseas


Trump's latest anti-immigrant scheme involves targeting the loved ones of U.S. troops serving overseas.

Trump is targeting spouses, families, and loved ones of U.S. troops serving overseas for deportation, NPR reported on Thursday.

The Trump administration is drastically scaling back a program, known as "parole in place," that shielded undocumented family members of U.S. troops serving abroad from deportation.

The move threatens to destabilize the military at a time when Trump is threatening to "obliterate" parts of Iran.

"The troops can't concentrate on their military jobs when they're worried about their family members being deported," Margaret Stock, an immigration attorney who works with the military and their families, told NPR. "It's going to create chaos in the military."

In the past, the "parole in place" program allowed troops serving overseas to concentrate on the job at hand and not worry about their family back home. For example, in certain circumstances the undocumented spouse of a U.S. troop could apply for a green card immediately rather than be deported and forced to wait years before being to apply.

According to immigration attorneys who spoke with NPR, the "parole in place" program will be terminated next month.

Targeting the families of U.S. troops is only the latest escalation of Trump's attacks on immigrants, which has become the central focus of his time in office.

Trump's draconian measures at the U.S.-Mexico border resulted in thousands of children being ripped away from their parents and dumped into detention centers. In recent weeks, accounts of horrific conditions in some of those facilities have come to light, including reports of children sleeping on concrete floors, lacking access to bathing, and eating meals consisting of uncooked frozen food. A doctor who inspected two baby jails compared them to "torture facilities."

Before a major campaign rally earlier in June, Trump vowed to deport "millions" of immigrants from around the country.

The decision to target the families of troops is another example of Trump's "war against immigrants," Carlos Luna, founder and president of a green card veteran chapter of the League of Latin American Citizens, told NPR.

Troops across the globe are putting their lives on the line to protect this country. In return for their sacrifice, Trump is threatening to deport their loved ones as part of a broader attack on immigrants.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.