Trump's golf club is now hosting events for strip clubs instead of pro golf tournaments


Trump will financially benefit from a strip club's 'caddy girl' auction at his golf club.

Trump's golf resort in Doral, Florida, has lost so much business since he became president that it is now hosting a strip club's event.

The resort, described by the Washington Post as "one of the jewels of Trump's hotel empire," once hosted marquee events for the PGA.

But now, the Post reported on Tuesday, the club is hosting a golf tournament on Saturday organized by the Shadow Cabaret, a strip club located in Hialeah, Florida.

The Cabaret will "allow golfers to pay for a dancer to serve as their 'caddy girl' while they play at the president's club," the Post reported. Emanuele Mancuso, the club's marketing director, told the paper that the services of the women will also be auctioned off to golfers.

In advertising for the event, the club prominently features Trump's name and family crest next to text promising the "caddy girl of your choice."

The club is also offering packages combining Doral hotel rooms. In one instance the $1,000 "VIP Upgrade" includes three days at Trump's hotel and "1/2 Hour VIP Room + Bottle @ Club."

Trump's club told the Post that the strip club event was for a "worthwhile cause" that would benefit a children's charity in Miami.

Because Trump has chosen to divest from his personal holdings before taking the presidency, a portion of whatever fees the strip club paid to the golf club will find its way into Trump's personal accounts.

The PGA last hosted its event at Doral in 2016, while Trump was running for president.

Between 2015 and 2017, net operating income at the property dropped 69%, echoing the negative fortunes of many of Trump's businesses.

"There is some negative connotation that is associated with the brand," a tax consultant for Trump said in a public hearing, directly connecting his failing businesses to his unpopular presidency.

Trump's hotels have also seen revenues drop, while other properties have taken his name off their buildings in order to avoid a connection to his corrupt presidency.

Even Trump's marquee property, Mar-a-Lago, has seen charities take their business elsewhere in reaction to his racism.

The Trump brand is radioactive, and Doral's fortunes are a perfect example of that. But Trump still stands to make money from it all anyway.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.