Trump's obsession with President Obama could drive gas prices over $3


Trump wants to undo the Iran deal to get back at President Barack Obama. But doing so would cause gas prices to skyrocket, hurting Americans all across the country.

Trump is pushing for a change in U.S. policy that would skyrocket gas prices for the average family, while also making the world less safe.

For years, Trump has complained about the Iran nuclear deal that was secured by President Barack Obama. Lately, he has been hinting that he intends to cancel the deal.

That decision would almost immediately hit Americans, raising fuel prices just as the summer travel season is set to begin.

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, told Vox, "Gas prices nationally would rise to over $3 a gallon if Trump places wide-ranging sanctions on Iran."

Gas prices have already been increasing over Trump's time in office.

Since he was sworn in, prices have gone from a national average of $2.40/gallon to the current price of $2.83. That is the highest gas prices have been in nearly three years.

Stephen Brennock, oil analyst at PVM Oil Associates, referred to a "Trump torpedo" aimed at oil prices.

As much as a million barrels of crude oil come from Iran to the United States every day, and killing the deal and reimposing sanctions would likely cut off that supply of goods.

International observers have repeatedly certified that Iran is keeping to the terms of the agreement, which prevents them from creating nuclear weapons that would be a threat to other nations in the region and the world.

But as part of his obsession with President Barack Obama, and his moves to undo the legacy of the Obama administration, Trump has continued to beat up on the deal.

He is disinterested in the fallout from such a drastic move, and like his decision to impose tariffs on imports, the ripple effects will go far and wide.

Trump looks at the Iran deal and sees an Obama accomplishment to be undone. He ignores the devastating impact the choice would have on millions of American drivers and plays down the dangerous prospect of a nuclearized Iran.