Trump embarrassed after cable news ignores speech he begged them to show 'live on TV'


Even Fox News only showed a few minutes before cutting away to more important things.

Trump was really hoping the cable networks would cover his remarks at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony Thursday, but they had other ideas.

"Getting ready to deliver the commencement speech at the Air Force Academy graduation," Trump wrote on on his way to the ceremony. "Very exciting - probably will be broadcast live on TV. They want good ratings!"

The cable news networks disagreed, ignoring his speech. Even Fox News, whose mission includes promoting and protecting Trump, showed only three minutes of his nearly half-hour speech before cutting away.

On CNN, coverage while Trump spoke included a discussion of the "flurry of lies" he made after special counsel Robert Mueller's press conference on Wednesday. MSNBC also covered Trump's meltdown about Mueller, as well as his administration's plans to restrict asylum claims from desperate migrants.

The networks have been paring down coverage of Trump and his events over the last few months, apparently no longer seeing ratings value in giving him unfiltered access to their airwaves.

Contrary to Trump's pre-event hype, the speech was not "very exciting," though he did once again reference his belief that stealth planes are "invisible." They aren't.

Despite Trump's rather desperate plea for attention, the networks clearly decided that talking about Trump's meltdowns, humiliations, and legal troubles makes for far better ratings than showing him read a speech from a teleprompter.

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