Trump follows up 'emergency' declaration with 3-day luxury getaway


After claiming that there's a national emergency on the southern border, Trump jetted down to Mar-a-Lago with the first lady.

Given that Trump says there's a "national emergency" taking place on our southern border, you'd think he would spend the weekend at the White House monitoring the situation to ensure Americans' safety.

You'd think that, but you'd be wrong.

Trump is instead following up his national emergency declaration — which he hopes will allow him to raid funds Congress appropriated elsewhere to pay for his vanity border wall that nobody wants — by flying down to Florida on the taxpayer dime for a weekend at his ostentatious Mar-a-Lago resort.

One single trip to Mar-a-Lago, located on the ritzy island of Palm Beach off the east coast of the Sunshine State, costs taxpayers roughly $3.4 million, according to a Government Accountability Office report from early February.

Given that Trump has taken 19 trips to Mar-a-Lago during his presidency, that means he's spent at least $64.6 million in taxpayer cash on those vacations, according to the Washington Post.

While he's there, Trump is likely to hit the links — which he does frequently, despite previously pledging to voters that he wouldn't golf because he would be so busy being president he wouldn't have the time.

In fact, Trump has spent 168 days at Trump-branded golf properties during the first two years of his presidency, according to NBC News, which tracks Trump's golf habits.

Golfing and hobnobbing with wealthy Mar-a-Lago club owners sure doesn't sound like something a president would do in a national emergency situation.

But leave it to Trump to give the American people even more evidence that his national emergency declaration was a total sham.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.