Trump enjoys golf with friends in between threats of nuclear war with North Korea


Less than 24 hours after ratcheting up the threat of a nuclear confrontation with North Korea by using aggressive terminology, Donald Trump was caught playing a full round of golf on his "working vacation."

On the same day the entire world dealt with the fallout of increasing nuclear tension between the United States and North Korea, Donald Trump relaxed and played golf.

The world has been watching the Trump administration's bungled response to North Korea's aggressive nuclear behavior, exacerbated by his threat of "fire and fury" against the rogue nation. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to throw cold water on the incendiary remarks, even as world leaders, members of Congress from both parties, and nuclear experts condemned Trump's bellicosity.

Trump's golf date was revealed by Mike Fazio, who posted a photo on Instagram of him playing with Trump. He noted that he had a "fantastic day golfing with #45 @realdonaldtrump at Trump Bedminister [sic] today" and that they "had an exciting match which came down to the 18th hole."

[Editor's note: The image was removed from Fazio's account soon after this article was published. The Twitter account below took a screenshot of the Instagram post prior to its removal.]

The outing was again not disclosed to the press covering Trump, and was not listed on the public schedule released by the White House. It was reportedly arranged by Richard Levine, a Trump friend and donor to his suspicious charitable foundation.

Trump has tried — unsuccessfully — to hide his golf trips from the press and the public, but he cannot help but to pose with his golfing partners for their souvenir photos.

He claimed that his trip was "not a vacation" and that he would be involved in "meetings and calls" while away from the White House.

Like everything else he has spoken about, that was untrue.