Trump family caught robocalling Roy Moore voters


Donald Trump's team has failed badly at maintaining the illusion that they're not campaigning for accused child molester Roy Moore — especially since Trump family members are now robocalling Alabama voters.

The upcoming special election to fill Jeff Sessions' Senate seat in Alabama was already a political and moral disaster for Republicans — and things got even worse for them on Saturday.

Donald Trump's White House has tried to thread a strange needle on Trump's open embrace of accused child molester Judge Roy Moore, pledging that Trump would not campaign in Alabama for him.

But Trump's campaign scheduled a rally just over the Alabama border in Pensacola, Florida, mere miles from Moore country, just days before the election.

And on Saturday, Trump's campaign was caught robocalling voters in Alabama, urging them to attend the event.

Alabama Media Group reporter William Thornton reported receiving an automated call from Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump, from a phone number registered to the campaign:

The 251 area code is located in southwestern Alabama, which definitely qualifies as campaigning "in Alabama."

After some initial hesitancy following the multiple allegations of misconduct against Moore, Trump and his team have apparently embraced this accused sexual predator, which ought to present a huge problem for the great majority of elected Republicans who still embrace Trump.