Trump loses it over getting blamed for putting children in cages


Trump continues to be criticized for taking children from their families and putting them in cages, and he is really not happy about it.

A day after reports leaked that Trump wants to start separating children from their families again, in violation of a court order, he was whining and falsely alleging that it was really President Obama who started the program and that Trump should get credit for stopping it.

"President Obama separated the children," Trump said Tuesday during a White House meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. He said that putting children in cages — something his own administration defended — was "very inappropriate." He continued to repeat the false claims over and over again for more than a minute.

"President Obama had the law," Trump said. "We changed the law, and I think the press should accurately report it."

Of course, the press has accurately reported on Trump's policy, which is why he's so upset about it.

Of course, the press has accurately reported on the inhumane policy that Trump started, which is why he's upset about it and continues to claim it was really President Obama's policy.

Politifact calls that claim "false." calls the allegation "misleading."

The Washington Post gives the claim "Four Pinocchios," the score given to absolutely false statements.

Outlets ranging from the Associated Press to Roll Call to NBC News all say one way or another that this claim made by Trump and his administration is demonstrably false.

The Trump administration instituted a zero tolerance policy along the U.S.-Mexico border, which resulted in thousands of children being ripped from their families and held in cages. Trump reluctantly ended his own cruel policy after worldwide outrage, including comparisons to Nazi Germany.

And despite the unconscionable act of tearing infants and toddlers from their parents, Trump has been clamoring since January to reinstitute the practice. In fact, reports on Tuesday say he not only wants family separation, but he wants to find ways to implement it even more viciously.

During his remarks to reporters Tuesday, Trump denied the reports and said he is not looking to reinstitute the policy. Trump made that denial after repeatedly lying about family separation and the role he and his administration played in carrying it out.

The press has accurately reported Trump's outrageous lies about his cruel family separation policy. Trump is the one who ignores the truth and continues to lie about it.

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