Trump's Fed pick wrote 'jokes' about AIDS and mangled corpses


Trump's pick for the Federal Reserve Board, Stephen Moore, has a history of repulsive remarks.

Stephen Moore, Trump's recent choice for the Federal Reserve Board, is unbelievably unqualified. He's also a repugnant person who makes light of AIDS, "jokes" about threatening his kids with pictures of mangled bodies, and more.

Vetting is not the strong suit of the Trump administration, but Moore is an especially bad candidate. The most recent skeletons in his closet weren't even terribly well-hidden. Back in 2003 and 2004, Moore wrote what he clearly thought were humorous columns for National Review Online. They were anything but.

In his 2003 column, a mock family Christmas letter, he "joked" that he toilet-trained his son by putting a photograph of Hillary Clinton in the toilet, resulting in his son achieving "perfect accuracy."

Regarding his older sons, he explained that his "ingenious child-rearing technique" for them included posting pictures of the mutilated bodies of Saddam Hussein's sons and telling them "this is what happens to kids that grow up to be Democrats." Hilarious.

In that same letter, he also managed to throw in a gratuitous insult against French men, saying that they all need a few extra doses of testosterone. This is what passed for conservative humor in the era of "Freedom Fries."

The 2004 version of the family Christmas letter wasn't any better. There, he said his family was "devastated" to learn his toddler, David, had low muscle tone, saying the doctor "might as well have told us that has AIDS."

Another thigh-slapper: a "joke" that another of his children wrote an essay proposing to "round up all blue state liberals, sterilize them, disenfranchise them, and place them into reeducation internment camps."

These columns are entirely in keeping with Moore's behavior elsewhere. He also makes racist "jokes" and kisses women without their permission. He's a tax cheat, he doesn't pay his child support, and he subjected his ex-wife to so much psychological abuse she fled their home.

Moore has no qualifications whatsoever that justify putting him on the Fed. He's even admitted he doesn't understand what the job entails. All he's got is a cruel streak a mile wide.

No wonder Trump likes him so much.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.