Trump can't get federal agencies to help him lie about climate change


The federal government isn't interested in helping Trump lie about the very real dangers of climate change.

Trump is failing in his quest to get agencies of the federal government to promote lies and bad science about climate change.

The White House has assembled an initiative, as part of the National Security Council, to attack reality and deny that fossil fuels are the main force behind climate change. The effort is being led by crackpot William Happer, who was installed by Trump. He shares Trump's delusions about climate science and compared climate scientists to Nazis and ISIS.

"Several agencies have informed the National Security Council, which launched the initiative, that they do not anticipate taking part," the Washington Post reported on Monday.

The Post also notes that NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which have led research on climate science, said that nobody in the administration contacted them about the attack on science. The Department of Interior has also not been contacted.

The State Department, Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence have thus far declined to offer experts for Trump's pet group.

The military and intelligence community within the U.S. government has been even more hostile to Trump's anti-science initiative.

"The effects of a changing climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to [Defense Department] missions, operational plans and installations," Defense Department spokesman Johnny Michael told the Post in response to its story.

The recently released Worldwide Threat Assessment, which represents the consensus view among America's top intelligence officials, was unambiguous on climate change.

"Climate hazards such as extreme weather, higher temperatures, droughts, floods, wildfires, storms, sea level rise, soil degradation, and acidifying oceans are intensifying, threatening infrastructure, health, and water and food security," the report stated.

"Irreversible damage to ecosystems and habitats will undermine the economic benefits they provide, worsened by air, soil, water, and marine pollution."

Trump has refused to accept the conclusions of his own government about the threat of climate change. In November, the National Climate Assessment was jointly released by 13 federal agencies, Trump disputed the report.

"I don't believe it," Trump said. "No, no, I don't believe it."

Trump is a hardcore climate change denier, who has pushed the false conspiracy theory that climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese government.

His administration is funded by polluters who direct administration policy. Trump openly pursues their interests, pulling the United States out of climate treaties, attacking reports from his own administration warning about climate change, and installing denialists throughout the government.

Now, in his mission to officially undermine the settled science on climate change, he has yet to receive buy-in or support from elements of the government who either have to deal with the real-world fallout of climate change or who are pivotal to understanding the science behind climate issues.

Trump's attempted war on reality has its limits, and he is losing.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.