Trump finds time to watch and livetweet Fox from the golf course


Donald Trump is golfing, watching Fox News, and livetweeting the network's contents like a retiree after proclaiming that he is back to work after the Christmas holiday.

Donald Trump is livetweeting Fox News Channel from a golf course, days after proclaiming that he would be "back to work" right after the Christmas holiday.

Trump cleared his presidential schedule for the third day in a row and, per the White House pool report, "The president’s motorcade pulled into Trump International Golf Club at 8:36 am."

It is the 113th visit Trump has made to one of his properties while occupying the presidency, and the 87th time he has visited a golf property of his.

In this instance, Trump is apparently keeping tabs on Fox News in between swings at the golf ball.

At 11:20, Fox News aired a discussion about Trump's policies toward North Korea and discussed friction and missteps related to Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. As part of that discussion, Democratic strategist Issac Bright brought up allegations that China is delivering oil to North Korea.

BRIGHT: The same strategy that David is praising is the strategy that Donald Trump rebuked Tillerson for on Twitter and told him to cut it out publicly. That's part of the problem with this disarray of our foreign policy. I'd also remind you that in the last twenty-four hours satellite photos have come out that show China has sold over thirty times oil to North Korea since October when it was illegal and Trump and Tillerson supposedly stopped it.

At 11:24, Trump sent out a tweet responding to the segment on Fox.

Trump tweet

On Christmas Day he tweeted, "Tomorrow it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again."

Since then, Trump has tried to keep his daily golfing a secret — even apparently going to the lengths of getting a truck to block reporters from seeing him on the links.

Now he's not only golfing but like a retiree, livetweeting responses to Fox News.

Busy schedule.