Trump team extremely worried 'fixer' will squeal on him to the feds


Trump's personal fixer Michael Cohen may be revealing all of his secrets to federal investigators, and Trump's inner circle is warning him to watch his back.

Trump loyalists are concerned that pressure from federal investigators is getting to Trump's personal fixer Michael Cohen — and that Cohen could soon flip on his boss and reveal Trump's deepest secrets. And they know all too well the legal and political fallout that could ensue.

Politico reports Trump is on pins and needles after the FBI raid of Cohen's home and office. As we all know by now, Cohen arranged the pre-election payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels that kept embarrassing details of her affair with Trump out of the news, among other things he may have done during his long relationship with Trump.

A person close to Trump told the outlet, "Who knows what Cohen has in those files?"

After the Justice Department took custody of documents inside the buildings, Trump's lawyers, including Cohen, have inserted themselves in the proceedings as much as possible, and have been working to limit access to the materials.

But a defense lawyer who is representing a senior Trump aide in the ongoing investigation of Trump's ties to Russia said there are extreme concerns about Cohen's loyalty. Referring to Cohen's years working as Trump's enforcer, the lawyer asked, "Is he two years loyal? Is he 10 years loyal? Is he 15 years loyal?"

Trump is being warned by others in his circle to beware of Cohen too. Lawyer Jay Goldberg, who represented Trump in two of his divorces, said he received a phone call from Trump recently to discuss the issue.

Goldberg told him, "Anybody who is facing 30 years never stands up. Without exception, a person facing a prison term cooperates."

Goldberg warned Trump as well that a person in Cohen's position "may also wear a wire" as part of a criminal investigation. He told him, "people who face a long prison term invariably become government witnesses."

Another legal move from Cohen may indicate that pressure is building on him to reveal Trump's secrets.

Cohen has been at the forefront of the Trump team's push back on the infamous dossier that detailed connections between Trump and Russia. He sued Buzzfeed and the private investigation firm Fusion GPS, arguing claims in the dossier that he met with Russian operatives were libelous. But now, post-raid, Cohen has suddenly dropped his legal case.

What is clear is that Trump and Cohen have had a close relationship over the years, and that Cohen possesses knowledge of the inner workings of the Trump team. That information would, at best, be embarrassing to Trump if it is ever exposed. But it could also cross into the realm of illegality. The structure of Cohen's payoff to Daniels and its connection to campaign finance law has raised eyebrows.

Federal authorities are obviously on to Cohen, and with the raid they now possess evidence or information Trump doesn't want the world to know about. Trump and his friends fear Cohen may turn on him to save himself, and the people around Trump are warning him directly that it may have happened already.

They are all watching their backs.