Trump flees Puerto Rico early after humiliating 4 hours in hurricane zone


Donald Trump left Puerto Rico more than an hour before he was scheduled to, fleeing the island after a day packed with embarrassing behavior and strange claims.

Donald Trump left Puerto Rico more than an hour ahead of his scheduled departure time, capping a day filled with bizarre behavior, strange statements, and humiliating moments.

According to the official White House schedule sent out to members of the press, Trump was originally slated to leave the island at 5:05 PM. But by 3:54, per the White House travel pool report, Air Force One was "wheels up" and on its way back to Washington, D.C.

Trump made his hasty retreat after a strange and humiliating series of activities and statements.

He started the day claiming that Puerto Ricans needed to "give us more help," decrying the criticism his administration has been receiving for a slow and inadequate response to Hurricane Maria. Then, soon after landing there, he groused that "we've spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico," the kind of statement he did not make when directing relief efforts for Florida or Texas.

Trump also solicited data on how many people have died from the storm, comparing it to the death toll of Hurricane Katrina to prove his team has done a good job.

Then he refused to speak to Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan who has been pleading for a decent federal response to assist the millions of American citizens in dire straits.

Trump capped off the day by making snide remarks about the water Puerto Ricans were drinking, then playing hoops with relief supplies and joking that citizens didn't need the flashlights he was distributing, even as only 7 percent of Puerto Rico has power right now, according to FEMA.

After that event, Trump appeared to have had enough, and was back onboard the presidential airplane, surrounded by staffers who stroke his ego in a way that others will not.

He's back in his safe space, and gave himself an extra hour to enjoy it.