Trump kicks off 2020 election campaign in state where he raised taxes on 545,000 families


Trump will hold his campaign kickoff rally in the middle of Florida, a state where his policies have wreaked havoc.

Trump is holding a massive election rally to kick off his 2020 campaign Tuesday night in Orlando — even though people in Florida are significantly worse off after Trump stepped into the Oval Office.

Because of the Trump-backed GOP tax scam, more than 545,000 Floridians paid more taxes last year, according to data from Trump's Broken Promises, a new site launched Monday that tracks some of Trump's most egregious broken campaign promises on issues like taxes, health care, profits and wages, and infrastructure.

The tax scam was not bad for all Florida residents: The richest 1% in the state saw a tax break worth almost $100,000, and corporate profits in the state increased by 13%. Unfortunately, wages for working Floridians grew by just 3%, the site notes.

And Orlando specifically is not faring well under Trump. In 2018, central Florida saw the highest number of mass layoffs since 2010, and wages in Orlando are the lowest of America's 50 largest cities.

Trump hasn't just been an economic disaster for Floridians — he is also threatening their health and well-being. Trump is trying to use the courts to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If he is successful, 20 million Americans would lose access to health insurance, including 1.6 million people in Florida.

Further, Trump's goal of repealing the ACA would mean no more health care protections for people with preexisting conditions, such as cancer, asthma, or depression. That would impact 134 million people across the country, including 7.8 million people in Florida.

Trump's Broken Promises contains information about promises Trump made during the 2016 campaign and "highlights stories of the serious consequences of Trump’s harmful policies," according to a Monday press release by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, which launched and provided data for the site. The site includes national data as well as state-level data for 16 states, including Florida, as well as swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Trump's campaign kickoff rally will take place at the Amway Center in Orlando, and protests are already being planned by people upset at the damage Trump has caused their state. The Hill reports that the famous "Baby Trump" balloon — featuring a crying Trump in a diaper and clutching a cell phone — will be at at the protests to greet Trump.

The national Democratic Party will also use the Trump rally to highlight Trump's record of failure and broken promises.

"Trump will say anything to win an election, and then he never follows through," Daniel Wessel, deputy director of the DNC War Room, said on Monday. "Look where we are today — health care costs more, prescription drugs cost more, and all Trump's done is help the rich and big corporations. The question voters need to ask is: what's he done for me? For working people, the answer is nothing."

Unlike other presidents, Trump filed paperwork to run for reelection hours after he was sworn in in 2017. While in office, Trump has already held numerous campaign rallies across the country — and often refuses to reimburse the cities he visits for the high cost of holding those political rallies.

Trump made a litany of promises in 2016 and pledged to use his time in office making life better for all Americans. No matter what Trump says Tuesday night, the reality is clear: Trump's policies have hurt millions.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.