Trump is forcing McConnell to 'eat a manure sandwich' to get his wall


'You’re watching Mitch McConnell eat a manure sandwich in this whole process,' former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) said on CNN Friday morning.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell got played in the government funding deal that passed Congress Thursday night.

At least, that's what a former Republican member of Congress said Friday morning on CNN — though in much more graphic terms.

“You’re watching Mitch McConnell eat a manure sandwich in this whole process,” former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) said — referring to the fact that McConnell meekly raised the white flag and capitulated to Trump's demand to declare an unnecessary national emergency to obtain wall funds Congress denied him in the deal.

McConnell initially opposed a national emergency declaration, knowing that Congress would likely overturn the declaration via a resolution — which would be yet another embarrassing loss for Trump and his administration.

If Congress doesn't overturn it, the courts might. Critics say Trump's move is a potentially unconstitutional power grab because he is trying to make government spending decisions that the legislative branch didn't agree to.

On Thursday, however, McConnell totally caved to Trump, saying that he now supports letting Trump use the extreme maneuver in order to build the wall. It was likely McConnell's only option to prevent Trump from recklessly tanking the funding deal and launching yet another devastating shutdown.

Trump is set to announce the use of a national emergency to get his precious wall funding on Friday morning at the White House, before he jets off to his gaudy Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, for a weekend of golf.

You know — exactly what a president usually does in a national emergency situation.

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