Trump ignores gun massacre to whine about Chuck Todd


Trump's priorities were on sickening display as he watched TV and tweeted the morning after a gunman opened fire in a Tennessee Waffle House.

After a gunman killed four people overnight at a Waffle House, Trump spent his Sunday morning speaking out about other matters.

At 3:30 am Sunday morning, a man opened fire on patrons of a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, killing four people and wounding several others. The suspect is a 29 year-old white male.

Programs such as "Fox & Friends" and NBC's "Sunday Today" reported the breaking news all morning, as the reported number of people shot in the incident climbed from eight to as many as twelve.

Trump was watching both of those programs Sunday morning, but instead of addressing yet another horrific mass shooting, or even offering "thoughts and prayers" to the people affected, he had other things on his mind.

First, Trump tweeted another call for his political opponent to be investigated, quoting a Fox News report. “GOP Lawmakers asking Sessions to Investigate Comey and Hillary Clinton,” Trump wrote, citing Fox, and added "Good luck with that request!"

Trump then added a slam on NBC News journalist Chuck Todd, whom Trump has dubbed "Sleepy Eyes."

Ordinarily, you would need to assume that a president would have been briefed on an event like this shooting, but in this case, Trump is broadcasting to the world what he was watching, and that he clearly chose to ignore this tragedy.

Trump has been very quick to weigh in on other mass-casualty events when he could exploit them politically, but has tellingly chosen to ignore this mass shooting. Trump's reaction to the Parkland, Florida mass shooting was to blame the victims of that tragedy for their own deaths.

Trump's pettiness was exceeded only by his heartlessness in the wake of the tragedy in Tennessee.