Trump considers fellow sexual predator Herman Cain for Federal Reserve


Trump is considering adding a new member to his team of predators.

Trump is reportedly considering Herman Cain — who, like Trump, is known to be a sexual predator — for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

Bloomberg reports that Cain is one of the candidates Trump is considering for the seat, which has a major influence on the U.S. and global economies. Cain was at the White House and met with Trump on Wednesday.

When Cain was head of the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s, the group paid out $35,000 — a full year's salary — in severance to a woman who accused Cain of sexual harassment.

Another woman at the organization was paid $45,000 after lodging a formal complaint about Cain sexually harassing her.

When these settlements surfaced during his failed 2012 presidential campaign, Cain repeatedly lied about them. He first said he was "unaware" of the payouts, then lied about how large the payout was.

Sharon Bialek, who worked at the association, said Cain groped her at a dinner in 1997.

"He said, 'You want a job, right?" Bialek said. Then, she said, Cain put his hand on her leg beneath her skirt, "toward my genitals," and pushed her head toward his crotch.

Trump infamously admitted on tape to being a sexual predator in the Access Hollywood recording, and has been accused by many women of harassment and assault.

When the reports of Cain's behavior surfaced, Trump defended Cain, falsely alleging that the women were seeking "free fame."

"They probably do love their names splashed across the front pages," Trump said — even though the women had remained anonymous at the time.

Trump has a long history of supporting and protecting abusers.

He defended serial abuser and former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. He attacked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford after she accused his Supreme Court appointee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual assault. He stuck up for Fox News founder Roger Ailes, who abused multiple women for decades. His current communications director, Bill Shine, is a former Fox News executive who orchestrated the cover-up of sexual harassment at Fox News when he was there.

By contrast, Trump actually complained that former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen was too short for the position — and nominated a man, Jerome Powell, to replace her.

Cain and Trump are cut from the same cloth. They abuse women and protect each other.

Now Trump is putting one of his fellow abusers in a key position to impact the global economy.

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