Disgraced former aide attacks Stormy Daniels after a huddle with Trump


Trump is in hiding after Stormy Daniels' prime-time interview. But he met with his disgraced former aide Corey Lewandowski at the White House, and then Lewandowski went on TV to trash her.

Trump's reliable henchman did the dirty work Trump himself was too cowardly to do. Disgraced former Trump aide Corey Lewandowski attacked Stormy Daniels in a CNN appearance after huddling with Trump at the White House.

Daniels' interview on 60 Minutes attracted millions of viewers, who watched and squirmed as embarrassing information about Trump was revealed to the world.

Trump has been uncharacteristically tight-lipped about Daniels' allegations that she had sex with Trump and was paid off by his personal lawyer to quiet right before the 2016 election.

Since the interview aired, Trump has been hiding from cameras.

Getting Lewandowski, who has been a reliable Trump shill since early in the campaign, to attack Daniels on his behalf without getting his hands dirty would be right in line with how Trump has done business.

Lewandowski met with Trump on March 26, alongside conservative activist and Trump booster David Bossie. A few days later, Lewandowski appeared on CNN's New Day.

He was asked by host Chris Cuomo about the affair, noting that Trump has not gone after Daniels with his characteristically vicious taunts and insults.

Lewandowski then described Daniels as "an individual who really lacks credibility" and alleged that she was trying to "profiteer" from her story. Effectively, without Trump doing the dirty work himself, his anti-Daniels message was broadcast on CNN and will reach millions of people.

The appearance comes as reports show Lewandowski working to claw his way back into Trump's inner sanctum.

He was fired from the campaign after working as Trump's campaign manager under the philosophy "Let Trump be Trump." Notably, he was not let go after an incident in which he physically grabbed a female reporter, but was apparently pushed out by the more "establishment" operatives instead when they took over the campaign.

Lewandowski has a history of inappropriate behavior with women. This didn't prevent him from a stint being a paid pundit for CNN, where he regularly dishonestly shilled on Trump's behalf. He then went on to work at a pro-Trump super PAC.

But Lewandowski continues to have eyes for Trump. Chief of staff John Kelly initially said Lewandowski would not be allowed to be on White House grounds without an escort, but as Trump has increasingly sidelined Kelly, that directive has faltered.

Lewandowski had a romantic relationship with outgoing communications director Hope Hicks, who was also involved with aide Rob Porter. The revelation that Porter had allegations of domestic abuse in his past and they had been covered up by the Trump team — led by Kelly — was reportedly revealed by Lewandowski.

The power play has apparently worked, and months of flattering Trump through television appearances appears to have put another abusive man at Trump's side.

Trump won't directly rebut Daniels and her credible allegations, but Lewandowski is ready and able to prove his loyalty in exchange for more access to the center of power.

Appearing on air for his old employer and trashing Daniels isn't officially his job, but there is little doubt that Corey Lewandowski is doing Trump's dirty work.