Trump hotel in Florida uses hurricane to sell shrimp


A Trump hotel in Miami, Florida, used Hurricane Irma as part of a repugnant promotion to attract customers to its restaurant, as Trump continues to profit from his private properties.

Donald Trump's hotel in Miami actually advertised its restaurant as the answer to "post-hurricane stress."

Trump National Doral tweeted that "great food" would help to alleviate the stress brought on by Hurricane Irma, and that "our restaurants are open to the public."

At least 56 people have died as a result of the storm, while experts believe costs from the storm could be as high as $300 billion.


But Trump's hotel had other things in mind:

Trump National Doral

After receiving flack for the post, the hotel deleted the tweet. They surely weren't planning to offer up the fancy meals at no cost, just as Trump's resorts up and down the state were only open to "paying customers" in the wake of the massive storm.

Trump has also used the hurricane as the backdrop for inappropriate campaigning, as well as an excuse to hawk hats that would benefit his re-election campaign.

Trump continues to profit from activity at his Florida property because he refuses to divest from them or put them in a blind trust until his presidency is concluded.

His hotel trying to sell people shrimp as a way to cope with the aftermath of a devastating storm is right in line with Trump's out-of-touch and abnormal presidency.