As Trump huddles with NRA in Oval, moms pack churches to stop bloodshed


While Trump met with NRA leaders in the Oval Office Thursday night, moms across the country flooded churches, schools, and community centers to demand action on gun violence.

Trump huddled with his NRA bosses in the Oval Office Thursday night, just a day after meeting with lawmakers to discuss solutions to America's bloody gun violence epidemic.

But outside the White House, a much larger movement was taking place, as moms across the country packed community centers and churches to demand action on gun violence.

Mom's Demand Action, a gun violence prevention group with chapters across the country, held its regular meetings Thursday night. Except this week, those meetings were anything but routine.

In towns and cities from coast to coast, activists showed up in record-breaking numbers.

In Essex, New Jersey, over 200 people packed the pews of a local church — nearly seven times the number of people who usually attend the meeting.

In St. Louis, Missouri, over 1,000 people showed up for the Mom's Demand Action meeting — more than 10 times the size of the usual crowd.

In Howard County, Maryland, activists filled the seats and stood along the edges of the packed room.

In Batesville, Arkansas, a new chapter of Moms Demand Action met for the first time.

The NRA may have Trump's ear, but gun violence prevention activists have the nation's attention — and they're not going anywhere.