Trump humiliated by embarrassingly small crowd size at pathetic 'Mother of all Rallies'


Sorry, Donald — a few hundred people is not quite a "mother of all rallies."

The "mother of all" label is supposed to imply a massive, often unprecedented scale and impact.

That was laughably not the case in Washington, D.C. Saturday, where a decidedly minimal crowd of Donald Trump supporters gathered to showcase his dwindling, but still very racist, fanbase.

USA Today's headline said it all: "Hundreds of pro-Trump activists descend on D.C. for 'Mother of All Rallies'" — while the article notes that U.S. Park Police expected a crowd of at least a few thousand yet encountered a gathering that didn't make it out of triple digits.

Video of the event makes the sparseness painfully apparent, with a reporter noting that the rally "so far doesn't live up to its name."

The organizers even had the audacity to claim the event would be the "Woodstock" of rallies. Fact-check: 400,000 is a larger amount than a few hundred.

And the pictures don't lie:

These guys don't seem to be having the kind of fun the "Woodstock" of rallies would seem to promise:

They definitely did not get the "millions" they were hoping for:

Also, just saying:

That's a whole lot of wide open space:

Trump's approval ratings continue to show basement-level, embarrassing numbers.

The so-called "Mother of all rallies" in support of this failing presidency put those polls on stark display — not with a bang, but with a sad, racist whimper.