Trump humiliated by his own judicial appointee for deporting immigrant mother


Trump appointed John Bush to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. One of his first big rulings is that Trump improperly deported someone.

Donald Trump was dealt yet another blow in federal court on Wednesday over his bigoted immigration policies — by his own judicial appointee.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled his administration’s Immigration Board of Appeals wrongly rejected the motion of Maribel Trujillo Diaz, an undocumented mother of four. She was summarily deported despite having no criminal record and credible evidence that Mexican drug cartels would target her if she was sent back.

But what makes Wednesday’s ruling particularly humiliating for Trump is that it was authored by Judge John K. Bush, who was fast-tracked by Senate Republicans over the vehement objections of Democrats.

Bush is known for his extreme views; prior to his appointment, he ran an inflammatory blog in which he questioned President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, argued states should be allowed to criminalize homosexuality, said someone should “gag” Nancy Pelosi, and compared abortion to slavery.

But for all Bush’s horrific beliefs, it turns out he is not a rubber stamp for the president’s will. In this ruling, at least, he considered the case on its own merit, not on what Trump wanted him to do.

Trump being smacked down by federal judges is nothing unusual. His ill-conceived policies have repeatedly run afoul of the Constitution and federal law. He has been blocked by courts on everything from the Muslim travel ban, to pulling legally appropriated funds from sanctuary cities, to detaining undocumented teenage rape survivors so they cannot get an abortion, to letting women’s bosses deny them birth control, to revoking the work permits of DREAMers.

Trump notoriously has no respect for the independence of the judiciary. He even threw a tantrum about his own Supreme Court appointee — who sits in a seat Republicans arduously stole from President Obama — because he had the nerve to criticize Trump for demanding loyalty from federal judges.

That is not how the judiciary works. Judges rule on the law, not on what politicians demand of them. And it seems even some of the right-wing extremists Trump is putting on the bench see fit to teach him that lesson.