Trump humiliates himself in interview showing he doesn't know anything about anything


A wide-ranging interview with Piers Morgan highlighted Trump's bigotry and ignorance.

Trump continued to be a national embarrassment on his trip to London, showcasing his bigotry and general ignorance about a wide range of topics during an interview with Piers Morgan on Tuesday.

Since June is Pride Month, Morgan asked Trump about his decision to discriminate against transgender Americans who want to serve in the military. Trump's response was rambling and full of lies.

"And also massive amounts of people going in and then asking for the operation, and the operation is $200,000, $250,000, and they have to take large amounts of drugs for that, large amounts, and you can't do that ... you're not allowed to take drugs," Trump said.

In reality, transition surgeries generally cost about 10% of what Trump claimed, and the military does not bar members from taking prescription drugs. Before Trump's bigoted ban on transgender Americans serving, many transgender Americans served with honor.

On climate change, Trump once again expressed his skepticism that humans are causing massive changes to the environment. Rather than focus on the massive amount of scientific data pointing to catastrophic climate change, Trump focused on the language used to describe it.

"I believe there is a change in weather and I think it changes both ways," Trump said. "Don't forget, it used to be called 'global warming,' that wasn't working, then it's called 'climate change' and now it's called 'extreme weather.'"

In the past, Trump described climate change as a hoax, and it seems that even access to the top scientists in the country has not convinced him of the dire truth of the situation.

Since Trump will soon be commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Morgan asked Trump about his shady excuse for dodging the draft for the Vietnam War. Trump now says that he would have been glad to serve in Vietnam despite the fact that at the time he got four deferments for college and one for a medical condition known as "bone spurs," which may have been a lie.

"I would not have minded that at all. I would have been honored," Trump said. "I think I make up for it now," he added, but did not give example of how, exactly, he makes up for it now.

As commander in chief, Trump is working to steal money from military families in order to build a racist wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Further, Trump had no problem using women in uniform as political pawns before the 2018 election by sending them to the southern border for a non-existent "crisis."

Before arriving in London, Trump was criticized for calling Megan Markle, now part of the British royalty, a "nasty" person. In one of the more bizarre segments of the interview, Trump denied calling Markle nasty while in the next breath, calling her nasty yet again.

"I wasn't referring to 'she's nasty.' I said she was nasty about me. And essentially I didn't know she was nasty about me." But then Trump added, "She was nasty to me. And that's okay for her to be nasty."

Trump also took time to lie about the shameful episode when the military had to cover up the name on the USS McCain during Trump's trip to Japan to protect Trump's fragile feelings. When asked about it, Trump questioned whether or not the event even took place.

"I'm not even sure it happened," Trump said, despite both the military and his own White House chief of staff confirming that it happened.

Soon after Trump arrived in London, Nicholas Burns, an ambassador under former President George W. Bush, described Trump as "embarrassing," saying that Trump's actions lacked both dignity and grace.

Burns words could also be used to describe Trump's interview with Morgan.

The full interview is available here.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.